Introduction:Historic Quote

 History is a rather wide and vague topic to discuss. It could be what you had for breakfast in the morning or the discovery of fire. But one sure thing about it is that all things that have happened in the past should be important to you. History makes the present and shapes the future and so many things that have happened in the past have made you who you are today.

One of the most important quotes about history in my opinion was written by Aldous Huxley.“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons history has to teach” (Huxley, 2013). The reason I love this quote so much is because I feel that It speaks the truth. How many times have you done something, known it was wrong, then done it again? How many times have nations gone to war for reasons like religion knowing that it leads to bloodshed on both sides?

There are many quotes like this one.“We learn from history we learn nothing from history” (Shaw, 2013). We know that what we have done in the past is supposed to teach us but so many times we have made the same mistakes and suffered the same consequences. That’s why history should be of so much importance to people. It teaches us what has caused problems in the past to prevent them later on. To learn more about Aldous Huxley visit Aldous Huxley

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