Geography of Canada-Who Are We

When we look around the world we see many different people with so many different ways of life. The way someone may live in Brazil will be different than the way someone may live in Russia. This is because our lives are shaped by the land we chose to inhabit on. The food we eat, the way we travel, our religions and so much more are all affected by where in the world we are. The things we may do in this part of the world may be deemed crazy in another part. Our climate, location, size, quality resources, and population density are some factors that one may use to define a country (Wikipedia, 2013).

As Canadians we are lucky to have such a vast landmass because we can chose where in the country to live. Though we are able to import and export goods to different provinces and territories, the way we dress and eat will be different because other areas will experience different weather that will shape the way they live. People outside outside of Canada believe that all the people in the country are the same. That in this large country we all go through and do the same things, but that is certainly not the case. Canada being such a developed country makes it attractive to many immigrants that all bring their culture here with them (Canadian Overseas Immigration and Business Inc, 2013). Have you ever seen a postcard that said welcome to Canada and had an image of someone wearing a parka and standing beside an igloo?

Who Canadians are cannot be described in one word. For example, we have large cities like Vancouver and Montreal that have top-end cuisine but they are different because we have different cultures and vegetation. In Vancouver you need a raincoat, while in Montreal you will need a heavy jacket. Not to mention Montreal is a larger city population wise. In Vancouver we would probably describe ourselves as laid-back while in Montreal people may say they are a bit busier and have more fun. These are 2 cities in one country that show how different the lives of the residents are because of location, climate, vegetation, population and so much more.

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