Unit 2: How is North America Politically Different from the 19th Century?

Politically, North America is very stable. We live in a democratic government that listens to what we say and for the most part does good things for the country. We are allowed to vote for those who represent us in government. We also have a say in the laws they pass, though it hasn’t always been this way (Library of Parliament, 2012).

In the early 19th century Europeans came to settle in North America for various reasons. The government systems they had didn’t favour them. In Upper Canada the family compact , a small group of wealthy men made all the decisions, and always disputed with the residents over land. In Lower Canada the chateau clique controlled everything, and even though Lower Canada was mostly French, the leaders were English which caused many problems. Life was hard for the working class and they lived in unbearable poverty and received no help from the government (Wikipedia, 2013).

The lack of a representative and responsible government lead to in one case the American Revolution and in  Canada, the Rebellions in the 1830s. Eventually Canada became a unified country with a democratic-like government. North America has evolved greatly since then.

Library of Parliament. (2012). The Parliament of Canada- Democracy in Action. Retrieved from:http://www.parl.gc.ca/about/parliament/publications/democracyinaction/democracy-e.asp

Wikipedia. (2013). Rebellions of 1837. Retrieved from:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebellions_of_1837



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