Unit 2: How Victorian Values Can Be Harmful

In the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, Mr. Neville is a British man sent to Australia. His job there is to take all half European and half Native children away from their families and into residential schools. In this time the Victorians like Mr. Neville, people living under queen Victoria’s rule did many good things for the world but they also did many awful things.

Victorians believed in hard work and good morals(Cranny, Jarvis, Moles & Seney, 2009). They took modesty, and duty very seriously and most importantly they thought that they were the “best.” They believed that everyone should behave the way they did and in thinking so they harmed and disrespected many cultures. They did these things without thinking of how their actions would negatively affect others.

One of the ways they tried to assimilate cultures was by sending native children to residential schools(University of British Columbia, 2013). This harmful practice of taking children from their homes was to teach them to be Pro- Victorian. They taught them English, Christianity and many more of their beliefs.

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mr. neville